Display Glass Corning Gorilla Glass vs DragonTrail.  Let the Duel Begin! Many people don't even know what we're talking about when we ...

Display Glass Corning Gorilla Glass vs DragonTrail. Let the Duel Begin! Many people don’t even know what we’re talking about when we …

Many people don’t even know what we are talking about when we refer to either one, either Corning Gorilla Glass or DragonTrail. The truth is that these screen protectors are used precisely for that, to be able to keep the screen of different devices protected from either: drops, scratches, etc. Obviously the first of them is the most popular and the one that generally applies to almost all the devices that we know. However, little by little the Japanese product is gaining ground and after all it would be ideal to have competition Corning since in this way they are more pressured to offer us a much better product.

Differences between Corning Gorilla Glass and DragonTrail

Let’s start from the base that Corning comes from America Y DragonTrail is made in Japan. In this way they are both an ultra-thin alkaline aluminosilicate glass which works as a screen protector for, for example, many mobile devices.

The versions that we have available of Corning Gorilla Glass are several that have been with us for several years and there is up to a fourth version of it. On the other hand, DragonTrail we could say that it is just starting and therefore has one, but this is obviously at the same level as the last Corning.

In turn, the American product is used in many other products such as, obviously, Smartphone and tablets, in addition to laptops, reproducers, televisions, etc. Instead, for now the Japanese option is used in Smartphone Y Tablet.

Both are remarkably resistant to scratches, general damage, bumps and are also considerably thin, ideal for protecting screens.

Which of the two is better?

In case you can or want to acquire a Smartphone that has DragonTrail for example or otherwise that has Corning Gorilla Glass and the doubt is precisely that you think that the other is better than the one that the device comes with, in reality both are considerably the same and we could say that the differences are null.

Both protect the mobile in an impeccable way and that is something positive now, although we hope that in the future the two technologies will begin to progress so that they make an effort to constantly improve themselves, something that always suits us. customers.

In any case, we always recommend that you buy a tempered glass that are quite hard, resistant and the best of all is that they are very cheap and easy to changeTherefore, protecting the screen with something extra never hurts and if it is cheap and can be changed very easily, better than better.