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Digidesign Launches Digi 003 and Digi 003 Rack Systems

The Digi 003 Factory is a FireWire sound interface with an integrated control surface and a multitude of digital and analog inputs and outputs. So it has MIDI connection, optical ADAT and digital S / PDIF. 003 can also be synchronized with other external devices in the studio via the BNC Word Clock I / O. It incorporates eight touch-sensitive motorized faders, eight motion-sensitive encoder knobs, and a Jog / Shuttle wheel for quick, tactile and manual control of multiple elements of the mix, including volumes, pan, sends, insert effects, etc. The Digi 003 offers an LCD display and multiple LEDs, and can also function as a standalone MIDI controller for other MIDI-compatible applications.

In addition to Pro Tools LE software, 003 Factory includes the Factory Software Suite, which adds professional plug-ins from Digidesign and Bomb Factory to the system. Digi 003 Factory also includes the new Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro bundle that provides an extensive collection of powerful instrument and effect modules, creative compatible applications, high-quality sounds, and training tools.

For its part, the Rack version is basically the same hardware, but lacks the control surface functions. 003 Rack includes Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2, which includes a variety of the same software and useful tools found in Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro. Finally, 003 Rack Factory includes the same superior Factory Software package as the version with control surface and Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro. Digidesign 003 Factory will be available soon for 2,195 EUR and the 003 Rack and 003 Rack Factory systems are available now for 1,140 and 1,490 EUR respectively. Contact: Digidesign Iberia. Tel .: 93 231 16 58. Web: