DevArt art and technology together

DevArt art and technology together

Many of us see lines of source code for computer programs on a daily basis, or some perhaps not as often. Generally these lines of code are being executed by the programs that our cell phones or desktop PCs run for all kinds of applications. However, there is a branch of human culture that has remained a bit out of programming. We refer to art. It is true that today there is much in art that came from computers or that in one way or another is supported by modern technologies, however Have you ever heard of programmers and software developers who dedicate themselves entirely to making art with their source codes? Well, not me, and that is why this new impulse that Google calls DevArt It has taken me by surprise in a very positive way. In the words of its creators:

DevArt is a new kind of art. It is made with code by programmers who push the limits of creativity and technology to the maximum. They use technology as their canvas and code as the materials to create captivating and novel digital art installations.

DevArt is the opportunity for them to show their creative process, share their art with the world and be part of a new artistic movement.

Google, together with the Brabican in London, will commission a programmer to create a new digital art installation alongside some of the best interactive artists in the world, for the exhibition ‘Digital Revolution’: the exploration of digital creativity largest and complete that the UK has ever seen. From there, the exhibition will tour cities around the world.


Art and code united for the same purpose

To promote this new wave of uniting art and technology, Google and Barbican (which is an art center located in London) have sought out 3 innovative artists, who are pioneers in this field and create in the Barbican facilities a pavilion dedicated to the DevArt, with all kinds of technological inventions that are artistic.

But everything does not end there, Google also opened a global call in February of this year inviting developers interested in being part of this new trend by showing their artistic inventions, hence the DevArt Young Creators program was born, which is an educational complement for schools which is focused on mixing art classes with computer classes in a new scheme and thus inspiring the minds of young people to use technology in unconventional ways.

On the site page there is a whole gallery of the projects that are in development and some of those that have been selected to be part of this innovative exhibition. Among the outstanding projects are Wishing Wall, which is a device to which you whisper your wishes and it projects them into words on the walls of a wall to later transform into butterflies that fly all around.


A wall of wishes that projects them into words and butterflies

Also this Co (de) Factory which is a collaborative experiment that would unite the creative minds of people around the world to design 3D objects together to then be printed on a 3D printer and displayed in the museum every day.

DevArt Co (de) Factory

A collaborative project to make real 3D figures

Finally this Play the world which is a piano connected to thousands of radio stations on the internet, it reproduces a sound that matches the note that the user presses on it, making music with the sounds of the stations in real time.

DevArt Play the World

A piano that reproduces sounds in real time from stations around the world according to the note

So if you consider yourself one of those who were born with the vein of art and in addition to technology, and until now you have not decided on any of the 2, then you have found your place in the world. Don’t think twice and visit DevArt and sign up to participate in the calls, and maybe you can become the next great tech artist of the 21st century.