baño químico para móvil mojado

Curiosities What is the purpose of performing a Chemical Bath on a Wet Mobile If your mobile accidentally fell into water and you think it could …

If your mobile accidentally fell into water and you think it could have gotten wet, don’t worry, a very effective solution for this. It is about making a chemical bath for wet mobile, this what it does is Clean parts that were affected by contact with water with isopropyl alcohol, this alcohol helps to heal and clean all electrical contacts and components.

When should I consider doing a chemical bath on the mobile?

This process is very fast and inexpensive, you may think that your phone was in the water for a short time and works well for a few days, but the water can get into places where the rice method will not work, so you should consider a chemical bath. It doesn’t matter if your mobile still turns on, because if you don’t do this Moisture can oxidize the phone’s components and permanently damage it over time.

If your mobile accidentally fell into the water or you spilled a drink on it, be it sea water, tea, alcohol, coffee or any other liquid, you must remove the battery and leave it completely disassembled, remove the SIMcard and leave it to rest in rice, then you must find where they perform chemical baths to electronic devices.

How effective is it to make a chemical bath for wet mobile?

This is a process that does not take long and It has up to a 90% chance for your mobile to come back to life, of course, this considering that you have carried out the chemical bath on time And that you have not tried to turn it on while it is wet, since this can cause a short circuit in the mobile, damaging all its components.

Places to perform a chemical bath for wet cell phones

This is an authorized Apple technical service to perform chemical baths on iPhone, iPod or iPad devices. It is located in Luis Thayer Ojeda Norte 0180, Office 1006 Providencia – Santiago de Chile, phone: (+56) 997556617.

This is another company that also offers chemical baths for wet mobiles, in order to prevent the components from being sulphated. They are capable of performing chemical baths for wet mobile phones of any brand, including: LG, Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc.

How much does this service cost?

The price varies depending on where you take your mobile to request this service, but the price is around $ 10,000 pesos (CLP), that is, about $ 15 USD.

Can I do a chemical bath for wet cell phones at home?

Sure yes though It is not recommended if you have at least knowledge of how to disassemble the mobile¸ since it is necessary remove the motherboard from the mobile and wash it since it is the most affected part. Here is a video where it is explained how perform a chemical bath for wet mobile.

If your mobile has come into contact with water, you already know that you should not worry, you simply must perform a chemical bath for wet mobile and you can get it back.