Curiosities Tips to Keep in Mind if You Want to Adopt a BeagleIf you are looking for a small but attractive dog that is easy to treat, ...

Curiosities Tips to Keep in Mind if You Want to Adopt a BeagleIf you are looking for a small but attractive dog that is easy to treat, …

If you are looking for a small but attractive and easy to get along with, then you should consider adopting a Beagle. They are moderately small dogs and both their expression and their appearance are very cute, which is why many people consider this breed a wonder.

But nevertheless, These dogs were bred as hunting dogs, so in their genes they keep this behavior and the traits of a hunter. So, it is a dog that needs to do a lot of exercise, otherwise it could develop health problems.


How to know if a Beagle is the breed for me?

A Beagle It can be for you as long as you are looking for an athletic, robust and small dogIt is easy to care for its coat and if you like to exercise, do outdoor activities and play with your pet.

Whereas if you don’t want to deal with large amounts of exercise (more than just walking around the block), a stubborn and independent dog, a dog that when bored is capable of destroying things like your shoes, keeping it in an open place like a fenced yard, controlling its barking, how slow that this dog learns and the concern of the possible health problems that the breed can develop, then a Beagle it’s not for you.


Tips if you want to adopt a Beagle

  • If you think about adopting a puppy of the breed Beagle, you should know that most are fearful, aggressive or neurotic, so it is advisable to analyze the puppy’s parents before making a decision.
  • You must provide enough exercise, it is not necessary to travel kilometers but a longer walk than just walking the block. When this breed does not get enough exercise it tends to become loud, destructive and boring, in addition to becoming obese dogs which causes serious health problems in the animal.
  • When you leave your Beagle in the garden you must supervise it, since it can be very noisy and annoy your neighbors, as well as being escapists par excellence, being able to escape above or below the fence of your garden.
  • The Beagle is a stubborn dog, an independent thinker, so you must teach him to respect you. This means that the canine will do what you tell it, as well as stop when you give it the order. This is achieved with good training and a lot of firmness.
  • You must worry about their health, Beagles can have a long and good life, but they are prone to developing health problems. Among these problems can be skin conditions like allergies, ear infections, eye diseases, hypothyroidism, joint problems, epilepsy, heart disease and more. To avoid this, it is necessary to have a trusted veterinarian who treats your dog regularly.


When you manage to provide all this care to a Beagle, you will have an intelligent, cheerful and balanced dog, making this also a brave dog that does not become intimidated or aggressive in the face of some problems.