Curiosities Letters for a person who is strange Missing a person is one of the worst sensations that ...

Curiosities Letters for a person who is strange Missing a person is one of the worst sensations that …

Missing a person is one of the worst feelings we can have, although there is always the chance to show them how much we love them with a beautiful letter that allows us to leave social networks for a second, and send our best wishes in traditional written form. Next, we are going to leave you some of the best letters for a friend who is missing, so that you can make it clear to him what he means in your life, and how much you think of him despite the distance.

Sample letters for someone you miss

Letter 1

“Hi. I am aware that you traveled far for academic reasons, as you seek to progress and improve yourself. I also know that it is very important to you as part of success. But it is impossible for me to hide from you how much I miss you since you left, I really miss your jokes, your jovial character, your laughter and that joy that characterized you in every meeting we attended. That is why I have decided to tell you what is happening to me, because I do not want this to spoil our friendship of so many years, a sincere friendship that is not easy to cultivate. In the same way, I have no doubt that you are achieving the goals you set for yourself, that leaving has been for your good and for a better future, but do not forget that I miss you and that since the day you left my life has not been the same, I no longer have anyone with whom to share everything I feel or what happens to me, that is why I only hope that your arrival is not far away, that time passes very quickly to be together again and to be able to resume lost time. Don’t take too long. I wish you infinite success ”.

Letter 2

“Hello Friend. Today I decided to write to you so that you keep in mind how much I miss you. The experiences that we have lived together have been unforgettable and incomparable. Honestly, I still don’t know what the real trigger for our separation was, I know something happened with your boyfriend, but so far I can’t understand the relationship between your problem with him and the estrangement between us, because it is clear in my conscience that I never intervened or did anything that could affect your relationship with him. You have always been and will continue to be a great friend to me since childhood, so since we stopped visiting each other I feel that there is something missing in my life. I can promise you as a friend that I never did or would do something that caused the breakdown of your relationship, because I have always wanted you to be happy. For that reason I decided to write to you, so that you understand and remember that here you have a friend who misses you and who needs you because I need you, I want us to resume our friendship. I sincerely ask you, I miss you ”.

Letter 3

“Hello Friend. It has been six months since our friendship ended. I know everything was clear as we agreed that we could not have a relationship because it would not benefit us. But as the days go by, I notice how much I miss you, because the things that we live no one can erase. I hope that soon we can start a conversation, despite the difficulties that there are because I am sure and I have proposed not to lose you as the special friend that you have always been and will be in my life. I send you a big hug”.

Which of these letters for someone you miss is the one you liked the most?

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