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The FONASA National Health Fund was created in 1979 It is the financial body in charge of fundraising, administration and equitable and fair distribution of state money destined for health in ChileOne of them being the most important function, which is the financing of health benefits.

It is supervised and controlled by the superintendency of health, since 2005 the central headquarters is in the capital of Chile, the City of Santiago, it is a decentralized service.

What is the letter I have in Fonasa

FONASA o National Health Fund is a social measure that exists in Chile to be able to access care in health centers. This obviously is linked to the economic activity of a family, it is normal to think about it but in thousands of moments the Letter of FONASA of which one is a part.

Fonasa what letter do I belong to


For some people if not the majority, knowing which letter it belongs to is uncertain, since at least one as a patient is thinking, in the middle of a pain or a health discomfort, it is, in the letter of the FONASA then it is not known how much a consultation voucher could be and less will have an idea in which centers can be attended.

Fonasa what letter am I

the letter is very important I would say, because If unfortunately at some point we must go urgently to see a doctor, to attend a health center, you would already be aware of where you should go and how much are you going to spend on a consultation.

How can I know which letter I have in Fonasa

For everyone it is not very important to know this letter, since they are only interested in being subscribed to the national fund, to be able to have the care in medical care centers at hand, although in any case it is highly important to know what it is the letter as clearly as possible. It remains to be said that being subscribed to this provision is much cheaper than ISAPRE.

Fonasa lyrics

If you want to know the lyrics, although after everything I have told you, I think that an obvious question is asked, you can access here, later you will have to access the rut and see the membership certificate, so you can obtain a specific knowledge of the lyrics of the Chilean health forecast.

Fonasa lyrics

In case you cannot access the portal, you can always call for attention and support or callcenter, from the National Health Fund, they will only ask for a couple of very basic data, and they will be able to give you your letter.