Curiosities Border Collie, a very intelligent and active breed The Border Collie is a breed that has multiple qualities, it is ...

Curiosities Border Collie, a very intelligent and active breed The Border Collie is a breed that has multiple qualities, it is …

The Border collie It is a breed that has multiple qualities, it is known for being the most intelligent breed of dog, demonstrated in its great capacity for learning both for competitions such as Agility and for exercise.


Border Collie physical appearance

This breed of dog is very agile and has an ideal physical shape for jumping, running and exercising. Males are approximately 53 centimeters and females slightly shorter. They can weigh up to 20 kilos and their body is very elongated with a quite dynamic appearance.

They can be found in various colors, for example, black and white, brown with black and white, white and tan, as well as some in blue, Australian red or chocolate.


You can find two variants depending on the hair. The Border collie Long-haired is the best known, it has a double layer of hair and shows one of them in the form of a beautiful hair that falls on both sides. It is also possible to find the Border collie short-haired, which, although it is less common, also has a double coat of hair and although it is shorter, it is still a dense, thick and very cold-resistant coat.

Among the most outstanding characteristics is that some dogs of this breed have an eye of each color, such as blue and brown, they also have muscular legs that show a predisposition to exercise and at the end of the tail it always ends with white tones. As for the ears, there are three different types: drooping, semi-drooping and erect, all giving the dog a distinctive touch.


Border Collie Character

Although this breed of dog is not extremely large, it is a dog that must live in a house with a garden, due to the multiple crosses that were made to result in the Border collie, giving you an active character and almost unlimited energy.

It is the ideal dog for young and adult people with time, active, with a passion for sports, physical and intellectual stimulation of the pet. All the potential of this breed will be benefited as long as the owner has these skills, being this also benefited with an infallible, orderly, shepherd and obedient dog.

These dogs are very loyal to their owners, they are very observant and over time they learn to understand how to express happiness, excitement and pain of their owners. They are very tender and accommodating, but they have a hard time opening up to strangers unless you do.


Border Collie Health

Being such an active and hardy dog, he is generally a very healthy dog. However, a lack of exercise can cause the dog to go into depression, unlike other dogs of the same size and weight, this breed requires a little more food. Over time, you can develop hip dysplasia.

In short, it is a dog that requires a lot of time and dedication, unlike other quieter breeds. The lack of these two fundamental elements makes the Border collie in a hyperactive, nervous, anxious, destructive dog and even a barker in excess. Negative behaviors are the result of the anxiety that the animal may feel from boredom and lack of energy.