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Creative I-Trigue 3000 and I-Trigue 3000i speakers

The I-Trigue 3000 features two Neo Titanium micro-driver satellite speakers to reinforce bass with clean highs and mids, and features a compact desktop subwoofer with 3.5-inch drivers. At the same time they have a headphone output and wired remote control.

While the I-Trigue 3000i model is a special version of the I-Trigue 3000 specially designed for iPod users. It includes a docking station to connect the iPod to the speakers and a remote control to control music playback. They can remain connected to the PC and the docking station, allowing music to be played from any source. It also has A / V output, auxiliary input, and USB connectivity.

The I-Trigue 3000 loudspeaker system is priced at € 90, while the I-Trigue 3000i cost € 120. Both models will be on sale from next October.