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Creative Announces Gigaworks T40 Speakers

Inside each satellite, Creative engineers have introduced two high-performance, mid-range drivers with natural fiberglass cones, for stability and natural sound, along with a high-quality tweeter with a dome-shaped housing to provide crystal clear clarity. These components, which have been ordered in MTM (midrange-tweeter-midrange) configuration for precision and balance, are augmented by BasXPort technology, which delivers strong and dynamic bass always in proportion to the power of the treble and midrange. The resulting sound is rich, detailed and realistic, and is achieved without the use of a subwoofer, according to information provided by the manufacturer.

For added ease of use, the GigaWorks T40 system has front controls for adjusting volume, bass and treble. Its versatile connectivity allows the user to connect a computer and an MP3 player simultaneously. IPod users can purchase a separate docking station that includes a remote control. Simply place the player on the docking station, navigate between tracks, and enjoy music.