Free Professional Education Free Professional Education

Nowadays, technological and cultural advances are so rapid, that it is common that you have ever felt out of date in your profession or in any of the professional knowledge that you acquired during your professional career. Today more than ever it is a requirement and at the same time a necessity to keep up to date with the advances and news that arise from your field of professional interest.


This is how today I bring you an excellent alternative that a friend suggested to me, to update you on your professional knowledge. If you are one of those who at the moment it is not easy to take a face-to-face course at a university, either for time or money, is an excellent alternative for free professional education. Free Professional Education

Some of the universities with which Coursera has agreements

What is coursera?

It is a website that offers free online professional education, to achieve updating in different branches of knowledge, in the form of courses taught by professors from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. On its official page we can read its objective in more detail:

Coursera is an educational platform associated with the most renowned universities and organizations around the world. Through this collaboration, it offers free online courses that anyone can take. We aim for a future in which everyone has access to the best education in the world. Our goal is to provide people with the education that will improve their lives and that of their respective families, as well as that of the communities in which they live.

Thanks to this educational model, you can enroll in online courses taught for free by professors from renowned universities around the world and in different languages ​​(mainly English). The seriousness of these courses is quite high, so if you complete the course, you will obtain a certificate that shows that you acquired the knowledge of it and could use it for your curriculum, which I think is great. Free Professional Education

Example of some courses in software engineering

When you subscribe to a course, you are generally offered 2 alternatives to take it. The first is of medium intensity, in which the study rate is lower and the demands on tasks and projects are also less. Generally this is the free mode, which at the end of the course offers you a certificate that you did it. On the other hand, there is the second alternative that involves not only more time on your part, but also the university that dictates the course will issue a diploma in your name certifying that you took it as if you had been in person at the institution. This means that in most cases the second alternative is paid, but the truth is, the prices are very low compared to what it could cost to take a face-to-face course (some courses cost 50 dollars), so it is worth it. worth paying if you really want a certified diploma from a prestigious university. Free Professional Education

The catalog of available courses is huge, so there is something for all tastes

How do the courses work?

I personally have not taken any course so far, but I already subscribed to one on Android mobile application programming (which starts in September by the way), but I am going to tell you about the experience of a friend who has already taken a course .

The courses are basically taken on video, that is Every week from the moment the course begins, videos that you should watch during that week will be published. These videos are interactive, that is to say in some moments the video will stop and it will ask some questions to make sure that you are understanding the content. Likewise, along with the videos, each student can receive material in PDF or links to sites to read and some tests and assignments that must be presented on specific dates. The fact that the course is not face-to-face does not mean that there is not a teacher behind it, and that is why the exams and workshops are actually going to be evaluated and graded. Free Professional Education