Maria Montero

Congress prepares for Mueller’s report to be …

If there weren’t enough obstacles between Congress and the results of the special counsel’s multi-year investigation, lawmakers hope they will need an optical drive to read the document.

A Justice Department official told the Associated Press that a CD with the Mueller report would be delivered to Congress tomorrow between 11 a.m. and noon ET. At some point after delivery of the CDs, the report is expected to be available to the public on the Special Advisor’s website.

Any congressional office running Mac is likely to have to meet with colleagues who still have a CD drive. Optical drives disappeared from Apple computers years ago. As people increasingly rely on cloud storage over physical storage, they are not as popular on Windows machines anymore.

Tomorrow’s version of the report is expected to come with a good amount of detail, although a part of Congress may receive a more complete version at a later date. The report’s release Thursday will be preceded by a press conference hosted by Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. If you ask us, there is little reason to tune in to that event instead of waiting for substantial reports on the actual content of the report once it is released. Better yet, rest and read some of the 400 pages yourself while you wait for thoughtful reviews to take place.

Remember: no matter what sound you start flying tomorrow morning, digesting a dense document like this takes time. Don’t trust anyone who claims to have synthesized the whole thing from scratch. After all, America has waited so long for the Mueller report to materialize – letting the dust settle will do no harm.