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Compare Phones Most marked differences between Samsung galaxy S7 and j7 While the Samsung is always, presenting new and better proposals …

While the Samsung is always, presenting new and better model proposals, sometimes it is difficult to see the differences between one and the other That is why we have determined to show them to you in a very leisurely way so that it is possible to identify the different presentations and their most marked differences. It should be noted that at first glance they are similar both in their presentation and size but their differences in characteristics and functionalities are abysmal. The reality behind all this is that despite their great kinship they are not the same, because the performance between Samsung galaxy S7 and j7 is marked by the amount of hardware deposited speaking in terms of capacity, all this despite the fact that both were launched in 2016.

Samsung galaxy S7 and j7

Most important differences between Samsung galaxy S7 and j7

To begin our impressions of these fantastic terminals, It is necessary to mention the range of them, they are different ranges, it is from the beginning unfair that it is compared without taking into account this important detail. Because the Galaxy j7 is low-mid-range and the Galaxy S7 is high-end, obviously its prices are abysmal and don’t be surprised but its characteristics are too, for example a j7 is around $ 280 USD, but The S7 is around $ 800 USD, comparing prices we realize that what they have to offer is quite far from each other. although despite what others say it is always a crime to compare the Samsung S7 and J7 due to their differences in the ranges.

Samsung galaxy S7 and j7

Something that is very different in these two phones is their structure and their weight, the Samsung Galaxy j7 is larger by its measurements 151 x 77 mm and its thickness is 7.7mm, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 has much smaller dimensions and 141x68mm and a thickness of 7.8mm

The J7 screen is always bigger, measuring 5.5 inches and it is Super Amoled what is interesting to note because the screen is bright and with vivid colors the s7 has the same screen but it is smaller with 5.1, although the S7 is above the j7 as it has greater protection against inclement weather and use than is Gorilla glass Corning 4.

In terms of camera, it will always be the S7 who has the best obviously for the range, but there is something to denote here the camera of the j7 is 13mp and that of the s7 is 12mp, the difference is evident although it is always better that of the S7 .

even though As for other aspects such as hardware, the S7 is much superior almost in every way because it is resistant to dust and almost any external element, this is a functionality that the brand has started for a long time.If you are very interested in any of these phones, I assure you that you will not make a bad investment, you can always read an additional article to find out the exact characteristics from our website, this is how we clarify the differences between Samsung galaxy S7 and j7.