Compare Phones Most Important Differences Between Samsung J5 and J5 PrimeSamsung Galaxy J5 is one of the Samsung models,…

Samsung Galaxy J5 is one of the Samsung models, best-selling in recent times, and it is that it is a relA very interesting price-quality ratio, the new version of this model is the J5 prime, so it is a novelty that causes everyone’s curiosity and that is when we want to change the mobile The question arises that this new mobile offers me that the other one does not, because this is where we come to give you all the answers you need knowing each difference between Samsung J5 and J5 Prime.

Samsung J5 and J5 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is a successor to the J5 launched in 2016 and is expected to be more complete than count on tools and functionalities more renewed and faster, we will let you know the most marked differences between these two terminals, so that you can draw your conclusions, and choose everything according to what you need.

Which is the better J5 or J5 Prime

Both mobiles are perfectly affordable, we say it with all responsibility and the only thing that would be missing is look for the most marked differences between any of them, to let you choose which is the one that suits you.

Samsung J5 and J5 Prime

Comparison between Samsung J5 and J5 Prime

Anyway the Prime is better equipped and it is also a phone with a completely renewed design, something that leaves us with our mouths open because, they took care of coding it to the point of making it completely metallic, something that is rarely seen in this range and there is also the fact that it is only seen in the high ranges.

It must be said, the biggest differences between these two terminals is that the J5 has a 5.2 AMOLED screen, while eThe J5 Prime has a capacitive of 5.0, their systems are different it is about android 5.1 vs Android 6.0 that brings the prime, On the other hand, the prime comes with a 1.4 GHz Exynos 7570 processor, something that the J5 does not bring only with 1.2 Ghz, the ram in this case if it is higher than that of the J5 Prime is quite decent 2GB.

So you see that the differences are quite interesting and important if we take into account that We are talking about a difference in RAM and processor, although it is not so great, it must be understood that it is a fairly good difference when it comes to performance, however, It should be noted that the prime versions normally have improvements that update what is already considered to be something a little more powerful for the moment that we are living right now, the applications demand much more and that is why the need to improve hardware and its performance.