Diferencias entre Samsung J5 y J7 Prime

Compare Phones Differences Between Samsung J5 and J7 Prime the Most Important At this moment we are going to talk about some of the most important …

At this moment we are going to talk about some of the most important differences between samsung j5 and j7 prime, two great cell phones, launched in 2016 quite interesting in their benefits and it must be said, without regret, a very interesting proposal made by samsung that same year , they are lower mid-range, and this makes for a pretty fair comparison, The price is too similar, not to say that it is also very good, they are available right now for everyone, and due to the existence of sale of the traditional ones they have released a more widespread version of these phones, with the arrival of the prime, it is seen that they will continue to be a success among the people who want to change or acquire a new mobile phone, but now that of course we are close to festive dates, you have to be clear in which of these two mobile phones is better, either in performance or in design and capacity.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime vs Samsung J7 Prime

Differences between Samsung J5 and J7 Prime

This is quite interesting because they are very similar cell phones, but, in this case, the J7 Prime is much larger, and this is seen in the image, you basically have to have two eyes to notice it, but you don’t think that with that the thing stays there, it is also heavier than the J5, it is not a barbarous difference but if you notice the weight between the j7 and the j5 and the j7 wins by a lot, although this is easy to see just because of the size.

Comparison between Samsung J5 and J7

Something that has improved and I say it responsibly, is the screen, although the Samsung J7 prime is still more impressive, Like its old version, with 5.5 inches with an evident resolution of 1080×1920, and on the other hand the j5 with a resolution quite different from 720×1280, in this Samsung J5 prime, both have a multitouch something quite interesting and of course always reliable, protection against drops, stripes and other things that come out of use, Corning Gorilla Glass.

They have the operating system, android 6.9 that will soon update to 70 nougat so all users are too eager to see try this version of android, which of course will be crazy in global sales.

On the other hand that people value a lot and it is not the design specifically, but rather that they look at the hardware performance a lot, What does this cell phone have since now everything depends on these variables and we must be clear that this is the case, and that it will not change at all, people need a good performance for little money and we will see this in a few lines below.

The J7 Prime has an A53 Cortex processor, 8 cores, with a speed of 1.6Ghz, memory of 16 and 32 storage, 3 gb of ram of course 1 GB more than the simplest version, and a slot that holds up to 256 GB of SD.

on the other hand the j5 prime has a quite generous A53 cortex processor, but with a speed reduced a little of 1.4 Ghz in terms of storage it only has 16gb and expandable 256 SD memory.Differences between Samsung J5 and J7 Prime, we have already seen them and they are few for me, I believe that the truth is clear these phones are very similar I think it is up to each one to see if the matter is appropriate or not but they are some Exceptional mobiles and worth the purchase recommended to the maximum.