Samsung y LG

Compare Phones Difference Between Samsung and LG At this moment we are going to analyze the main marked differences between …

At this moment we are going to analyze the main marked differences between two manufacturers of electronic devices and mobile devices of all kinds Samsung and LG, They are brands recognized worldwide and with an undeniable trajectory over time, but this time we are going to focus on mobile devices.

Samsung and LG

The two companies belong to South Korea, they are part of the largest manufacturers and sellers of cell phones globally, because their cell phones have offers in levels of either low, medium or high ranges, we are going to get different markets in the market. prices, That increases interest in the brand and makes people adapt the product to their needs with a really accessible price. adjustable to each one.

Samsung and LG

What brand of cell phone is better?

If we talk about Samsung, This has cell phones for all segments, it has very varied models for sale, which in addition to being economical, very complete in functionalities suitable for any audience, whether they are elderly or small children, the best of samsung, It is the subject of spare parts and accessories, they are very easy to find, be they micas, covers, housings, covers, protectors of any kind, decorative, among others, in contrast to LG, it is more difficult to get accessories and spare parts.

Which is better Samsung or LG Cellphones

The next point in favor of Samsung and with this LG is still at a disadvantage, is the technical service, Samsung offers one of the best technical services on the market, in case of malfunction or something related to factory problems it is easy to take it and have it solved quickly This if the mobile still retains its factory warranty, they even replace it with a new one at no additional cost. In this sense, LG is slower in providing technical assistance and service are good, but they always have intermediaries at the store where the mobile phone is purchased, on the other hand Samsung has its specialized office where they attend to you and solve the problem.

Although Samsung and LG have their marked differences, both are good brands, each with their strengths.

Samsung or LG Mobile

LG Phones are always updating software constantly Compared to Samsung that this “abandons them”, old phones suffer an abandonment by the manufacturer, leaving their updates aside and in obsolescence, updates are always for the better and in this LG is very successful, they improve security, They optimize resources, battery life among others. which brings a lot to the user and somehow stay with their phone for a long time.

LG or Samsung phones

After the scandal of the Explosions in the Galaxy Note 7, many users lost confidence in Samsung, so they eliminated mobile phones from the market before entering several countries on the planet, Disillusioned users stopped believing in this brand because they thought that it could threaten their integrity. Definitely nobody wants a cell phone exploding out there, unfortunately there are many who think of selling their cell phone to acquire another phone from another brand.

It is important to note that LG and Samsung They are very good brands with years and years in their commercial history of experience and well-achieved phones over timeIt goes without saying that this is a humble personal opinion about brands based on lived experiences.

As a user who has tried LG and Samsung I stay with LG, this is because although it is not necessarily the best in technical support, it extends the useful life of the mobile, it does not condemn it to be obsolete so quickly thanks to its constant updates and special attention to Android Software.