Colombia 3.0 begins The digital connectivity event

Colombia 3.0 begins The digital connectivity event

Today starts in Bogotá or Colombia 3.0 which brings together different entrepreneurs and professors from the world of technology in Colombia around a theme, digital connectivity.

As mentioned on its official website, Colombia 3.0 is the most important digital content summit in Latin America, which brings together international experts, entrepreneurs, investors, representatives of the academy and industry in Colombia and the world. It is an initiative of the ICT Ministry that, since 2011, has been held in Bogotá with the aim of promoting the country’s digital content industry.

There are no specific requirements, it is enough to be a geek or in love with technologies, an entrepreneur or anyone who generates or wants to generate digital content and interested in exploring and updating.

It is mainly concentrated in the T Zone of Bogotá, although there are some secondary places, most of the activities of Colombia 3.0 can be enjoyed in this area of ​​the capital city. In this link you can verify the Agenda of activities that will take place during the days of the event. I hope to participate in some of these activities to comment later.

Tickets to Colombia 3.0

Some tickets are totally free, just register

The main contents of the event are:

  • Business
  • Animation
  • Music
  • Video game
  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Modernization
  • government
  • Convergence

The impact of this event has proven to be quite large, just look at the following infographic (click on the image to expand) that summarizes the most forceful data of what was the version of Colombia 3.0 in the previous year, what do you think of the event? Are they going to attend?

Colombia 3.0 of 2013

Important data of Colombia 3.0 in 2013