tener dos cuentas de Clash Royale

Clash Royale How to have two Clash Royale Accounts on your Mobile Every day Clash Royale becomes more popular among users …

Every day Clash Royale becomes more popular among Android and iOS smartphone users, and mostly everyone would like to know how have two Clash Royale accounts on their mobiles. Luckily, here we will tell you in detail what you should do, both for Android and iOS mobiles.

How to have two Clash Royale accounts

Two Clash Royale accounts on Android

For Android phones, You must have another Google ID to add it and manage your new Clash Royale account. When you already have your second Google ID you must do the following:

1.- You must go to the menu Settings -> Accounts -> Add Account -> Google and enter the new Google ID and password.

2.- Then you must open Clash Royale and go to Settings and click on Connected in order to use the new account.

3.- Now you must change your Google account on your Android.

You must bear in mind that if the game marks Offline in the settings¸then it means that you are not connected to the Google account. If you can’t change your Clash Royale account, you must check the version of Google Play Services and try to update it.

If it is not updated, you will not be able to load another account and change it, and all Google accounts will be removed, so they will have to be added again.

Two Clash Royale accounts on iOS

On the other hand, iOS mobile users only need to create a new Game Center account or Apple ID to be able to add another Clash Royale account. But before adding your new account, you need to make sure that the original account is connected to the Game Center ID. For this You must go to Game Center and verify that the Clash Royale tab appears, if so, then proceed as follows:

1.- You must log out, for this you must go to Settings -> Game Center -> Account -> Exit.

2.- Then you must sign in with another Apple ID to Game Center account entering your password and username.

3.- Now you just have to open the game and verify that you have logged in with another account.

Usually the game will ask you to load the other account after you have connected with the new one. If this does not happen then You must restart the mobile, open Game Center and enable Clash Royale.