activar los datos móviles en Claro

Claro How to Activate Mobile Data in Claro EasilyMobile data is essential and completely necessary in any …

Mobile data is something fundamental and completely necessary in any cell phone, since one of the main characteristics is that they are able to navigate the Internet. However, many have had problems navigating with the Claro operator and here we will show you how you should activate mobile data in Claro so you can navigate smoothly.

Activate mobile data It’s completely easy, you just have to go to the notification bar and look for the corresponding button (It may vary depending on the version of Android installed), in some cases it may appear as Mobile data, Mobile and data, Mobile networks, etc., do you see how easy it is to activate the data?

I can’t find the option to activate mobile data

On the other hand, if it is very difficult for you to get the necessary settings to activate this option, you can install an application that acts as a switch to turn mobile data on and off. One option is The ON-OFF data that you can download from this link, it is a very good application and allows you add a Widget on the screen to make things easier, it is available at Google play And it is absolutely free.

I can’t activate mobile data in Claro

If you have managed to activate the option but still cannot activate mobile data in Claro and the 3G or 4G icon does not appear in the notification bar, something is probably not working very well, so it may be necessary to make other adjustments on the mobile.

So that your mobile can navigate with Claro without problems, It is necessary to have APN data that give you access to the network. These are nothing more than configuration parameters with a username and password to be able to connect to the Claro network, without this you will not be able to browse the Internet.

Configure Claro APN

In most occasions, these APN data are deleted when removing the SIM card or if the mobile is originally from another company, the original data will appear and not Claro’s. In this case, it is necessary manually configure Claro APN parameters. To do so, just go to the menu Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names.

If you notice that this menu is empty, it is because you do not actually have Claro APNs configured. To know the correct parameters it is necessary call Claro customer service and request the APN parameters for your mobile.

In the upper right part of the screen you will see a button that says Add or it is simply a + symbol, when you click on it you will see all the necessary data to configure the APN. Depending on the company, sometimes it is necessary to fill in all the fields and in others not, but the Claro operator will let you know when asking for the parameters. When you have properly configured the APN you must restart the mobile and you should no longer have problems.

As you will see, it is not that complicated activate mobile data in ClaroYou only need to verify that your mobile is correctly configured and you will not have any problem.