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Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS FM, USB TV tuner

The most important features of this model are its capabilities to receive TV signals digitally and / or analogue, USB 2.0 connectivity, FM tuner, Time-Shifting function, digital video recorder (MPEG2), guide electronic programming (EPG) and remote control.

At home, it can be to collect digital TV signals that come from your domestic antenna or cable connection, while outside the home you can tune in thanks to the compact antenna that accompanies it and has a multi-tuner and picture-in function. picture. It is also compatible with the THC service to search the most popular electronic program guides.

The Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS FM has a price of 129 EUR and along with it is included elgato software to control the different functions that this device is capable of carrying out.

Web: www.terratec.com