Cinema and TV Knights of the Zodiac, an anime that you should know Saint Seiya better known as The Knights of the Zodiac in Spanish, ...

Cinema and TV Knights of the Zodiac, an anime that you should know Saint Seiya better known as The Knights of the Zodiac in Spanish, …

Saint Seiya better known as Knights of the Zodiac in Spanish, it is a manga created in 1986 by Masami kurumada and was published in January of the same year in the magazine Shukan Shonen Jump from the publisher Shueisha until December 1990.

Then this magazine was adapted to the anime series that has 145 episodes, about five animated films and one computer-animated film have also been produced, as well as several official sequels and prequels of the original story.


What is Knights of the Zodiac about?

This series focuses on a group of young warriors called knights or saints, where the main protagonist is Seiya who wears the Pegasus armor. These warriors fight for the Greek goddess Athena, who reincarnated in the human Saori kido to protect humanity from malevolent forces that wish to take over the earth.

In each of their battles, these young warriors will use their inner energy that is linked to the universe, better known as cosmos, as well as special fighting techniques and their powerful armor that are inspired by each of the 88 constellations.

Both the original manga and the anime version had great success in Japan, in the same way it had it in European countries and in Latin American countries. However, this anime was not produced in the English language until 2003 when it arrived in the United States.


Was this all the success of Knights of the Zodiac?

Of course not, since the birth of this series, Knights of the Zodiac It has been adapted for a large part of its history to this art and combat video games for various platforms, both for consoles and for PC and mobile devices.

Most of the games are released solely in Japan, while others were released in Australia and some European countries, especially the games in the Hades saga. However, none have been officially released in the United States.

Like all programs, Knights of the Zodiac They had their casualties, because in the 90s it was the target of much criticism since it has many scenes of violence and blood that influences children. Another of the strong criticisms that this series received is that it was also said to incite homosexuality.


Why then were Knights of the Zodiac not censored?

When the series arrived in the United States and announced by the children’s television channel cartoon Network, but this channel decided to censor the series, because, as is known, some scenes were not appropriate for infants and the anime had to be softened a bit. For example, the blood was dyed blue and the scenes that were more violent had to be cut, so that the chapters lasted less.

Part of the plot underwent many modifications that did not make sense and due to these changes, the series ended up being a total failure in the North American public.