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Cinema 4D R10.5

Maxon has released an improved version of its CINEMA 4D software. In addition to the features added to the Cinema 4D base program, the update also incorporates enhancements for the optional CINEMA 4D modules.

New tools for MOCCA and MoGraph stand out, as well as a major improvement in HAIR. Cinema 4D users now have access to the DWG format, supporting Autodesk versions from 13 to 2008, including layers, blocks and references.

Another improvement in file sharing is the new connection to 2008 Allplan.?? These XRefs external references allow a large scene to be divided into parts, each working independently of the main project file.

Other additions are the new modeling tools (Connect, Dissolve and Spin Edge), a new way to illuminate scenes, plus a new method to unwrap UVs from organic objects without notches.

A new summary track allows you to fully correct the animation, while the new reduced modifying mode simplifies the process of correcting complex f-curves. In terms of modules, key changes have been made to MOCCA, MoGraph and HAIR.