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Centrino ‚ÄúSanta Rosa‚ÄĚ Update for Laptops Arrives

The new version increases the autonomy of the battery in addition to providing greater performance to the set formed by the processor, the chipset and the wireless card. Intel will retain the Centrino Duo name for the consumer version, although the changes include a faster Core 2 Duo processor, support for the draft version of the 802.11n wireless specification, and the Turbo Memory feature that complements the hard drive with flash memory. NAND to speed up the boot sequence.

According to Mike Trainor, chief evangelist for mobile technology at Intel, “Probably what people will notice first is the increase in the performance of the graphics controller.” These improvements, he says, result in new performance milestones for gamers and DVD viewers, as the improved color control allows the monitor to display images in the same vivid color as when viewed on a television.

Intel has also released an enterprise-oriented version of Santa Rosa called Centrino Pro, which includes various IT management and security automation features from Intel’s vPro desktop platform. This enables company system administrators to remotely repair and protect employee laptops, inspecting troubled PCs or adding software patches over wireless links.