Campus Party Cali Day 3

Campus Party Cali Day 3

This week of Campus Party in Cali 2014 continues to advance and every moment we spend here is an opportunity to learn new things. On the third day I had the opportunity to participate in 3 very interesting talks, as well as to witness part of the Just Dance 4 tournament, which I found very funny, because it is not the same to see your younger sister at home playing alone Just Dance with her friends, to see a lot of adults (and many of them men) dancing in front of a large number of people, Pop songs that more than one would definitely feel sorry for.

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Key Note: Vito Di Bari

The main conference on this day was preceded by the Italian Vito Di Bari, an innovative and futuristic city designer. In his talk, Vito takes us on a journey through the evolution of cities in human civilization, covering such notorious aspects as the cyclical behavior of the growth of the human population, which always has cycles of excessive growth and then a collapse of large deaths which have been repeated for hundreds of years and it seems we are at a time when a collapse in the world population is approaching.

Vito Di Bari campus party in cali 2014

Growth trends and death of the human population

This video shows a map of the world and how each point represents a million people. During the development of the history of human civilization, we can see how there are periods of growth, followed by great deaths, but in the last century the level of growth is so fast that the possible collapse or mortality is very close if not for a radical change that breaks that cycle, it is here where Vito invites us to innovate, because according to him, innovation is the only one capable of breaking this cycle.

Vito is also a designer of smart buildings and modern cities, and he showed us his vision of the cities of the future, with a series of videos where he explains how aspects of daily life such as public transportation, parks, and buildings will work. complex rooms, which in his vision are going to be huge buildings (or vertical cities) that would rise through the skies of the great metropolises with designs copied from nature such as the lotus flower.

Vito turned out to be a most charismatic lecturer, he connected with the public like no exhibitor has, taking photos and selfies with the campuseros during his talk (I couldn’t help being caught up in the moment lol), he also showed great affection for our country and showed in his research why he believes that, 3 of the 15 cities in America that will be the best to live in the future are Colombian (Cali, Medellín and Bogotá). Vito said goodbye very happy to the Campus Party in Cali in 2014 and I invite attendees to follow him on twitter (@DiBariTweets) where I publish a series of images that invite us to continue researching on the subject.

Vito Di Bari

Vito Taking pictures with the campuseros in the middle of the talk

Vito Di Bari campus party in cali 2014