Butiman the new Creole Superhero

Butiman the new Creole Superhero

Brought from Montería, a city on the Colombian coast, this Creole superhero comes to us who promises to break with all the traditional schemes of the world of comics. Butiman is a butifarrero, or a street vendor of butifarras, a sausage-shaped sausage very popular on the Colombian Atlantic coast, who in an accident receives surprising powers that allow him to control his sausages as if they were weapons, and thus fight against the crime of the city.


Butiman controls the electric sausages

The creator of this curious story is Jaime Villalba Paternina, a young man who decided to make his own comic, being inspired by the graphics of one of his favorite PlayStation 3 games (inFAMOUS) and mixing the local culture of his city, “It all started at the University of Córdoba, where a butifarrero entered to sell his product in the salons. My colleagues and I found it so funny that I captured it in a drawing in my notebook. Everything was on paper. In 2009 I said to myself: ‘I will do this as an animated series when I have the right knowledge to do it “


Iván Sabogal the butifarrero

In fact, the main character, Iván Sabogal, was inspired by a friend of Jaime’s butifarrero, who served as a model for the comic. The project to make Butiman a 12-episode television series on the regional channel Telecaribe is already underway, so in less than we think it will be possible to follow the adventures of this new superheore.


The inkwell is butiman’s arch enemy

At the moment episode zero of the future series is available, which far exceeds my expectations. Despite being based on a somewhat comical concept that detracts from its presence, the graphic quality is very good. I think the appearance of the voices can be improved but otherwise I see a lot of future in series of this style a la Colombiana. for my part, many successes for Jaime Villalba with this project and that he leaves very high the name of the coast and its super powerful sausages.