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Boot Camp trial period ends September 30

Various reports have been published on the license of use that accompanies Boot Camp beta, in them it is revealed that after reading the terms and conditions of acceptance of the tool it is clear that it includes certain clauses that indicate that users of the software will lose support and driver updates when the virtualization software reaches its final version.

The popularity of Boot Camp is very great and Apple confirmed that in January 2007 there had been more than 1.5 million downloads of the beta version of the product. Therefore, a large number of users are concerned about the license terms of the product where it is indicated that it is only usable until the release of a commercial version or until September 30.

An Apple spokesperson, Lynn Fox, spoke to reassure existing Boot Camp users. I declare that this license will not mean any immediate catastrophe since the application will continue to work once the license expires, but that some Boot Camp components will stop working, such as the Boot Camp Installation Assistant (used to install Windows on a partition on a Mac), but that will be when the trial period expires.

Users who do not decide to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 will have the option of purchasing a copy of the final version of Boot Camp for Mac OS 10.4. According to a news item that appeared in July 2006, the price of the final version of Boot Camp will be $ 30.