Maria Montero

BMW, Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover invest in the start-up …

Urgently, the roadside assistance startup that connects car owners in need of help with towing and other services, has raised $ 21 million in a B Series round that includes BMW’s venture arms, Porsche. and Jaguar Land Rover.

BMW has also signed up Urgently as a partner supplier for its own roadside assistance platform (known as BMW Assist) to provide roadside assistance and extended mobility services to owners of all four brands in the US, including BMW, BMW Motorrad, MINI, and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Urgently, founded by Chris Spanos, Surendra Goel, and Luke Kathol, it doesn’t charge annual membership dues like AAA or other car clubs. Instead, the app works a lot like Uber by Lyft . Users can request assistance such as a quick start, trailer or tire change through the app, which connects them to nearby available services. At that time, the user is shown what the towing fee or other service will be. Payments are handled within the application.

Urgently’s potential goes beyond connecting with traditional car owners. The platform is scalable, which makes it attractive for companies that also have large fleets. And as more electric vehicles hit the market, there may be an increased demand for roadside assistance services, such as mobile charging.

“The old model of roadside assistance must give way to a modern and more digital approach,” said Kasper Sage, partner at BMW i Ventures. “ will enable OEMs around the world to provide their customers with the kind of real-time, connected digital experience they now expect on everything from food delivery to shared transportation.”