Maria Montero

Best Buy cancels pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is taking its time bringing the Galaxy Fold to market. And frankly, that’s probably for the best. The note debacle of a few years ago was an important lesson about what happens when you rush a product to market. That led to a second retreat: the PR waitresses in a PR nightmare.

With a release date still very much in limbo, Best Buy has sent notes to those who pre-ordered the Fold. Located by The Verge, the letter has since been posted on the Best Buy support forum. He cites “a plethora of unforeseen setbacks,” (fair enough), adding: “Because we put our customers first and want to make sure they are served in the best possible way, Best Buy has decided to cancel all orders. Current Advances for The Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The letter goes on to assure customers that the Big Box retailer is “working closely with Samsung” to help deliver the product to customers. At the moment, however, your guess on the term is as good as ours.

Recent reports have suggested the announcement was imminent, as the company fixed design flaws that caused reviewers to peel off the displays and get stuck in the holes in the folding mechanism. More recent reports gave the product a June 13 release date, but that too appears to have been erased for the time being.