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Avanquest software announces Talk Now! In Galician, Basque, Catalan and Spanish

Talk Now! is a new, interactive and dynamic language learning beginner’s method that uses games and quizzes as the basis for the language learning process. Talk Now! provides words and phrases so users starting from scratch can start speaking in their chosen language from scratch.

With these new additions, users now have the option of being able to learn the language of their autonomous community or learn that of other autonomous communities. In addition, they will also be able to choose the language of other countries from a total of 111 different languages ​​and change the interface to learn it from their mother tongue.

The main features of the product include the inclusion of a wide vocabulary, automatic help, pronunciation tool, inclusion of evaluations through tests, built-in dictionary, and the possibility of using the interface in multiple languages.

Talk Now! Galician, Talk Now! Euskera, Talk Now! Catalan and Talk Now Spanish is 29.95 EUR VAT included.