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Automator Action Pack for Photoshop CS3

The Photoshop Action Pack enables users to control Photoshop CS, CS2, and CS3 from within Automator, allowing them to create complex, fully automated workflows.

While Photoshop provides out-of-the-box automation mechanisms in the form of actions, as well as an external interface for such processes via Adobe Bridge, the Photoshop Action Pack further enhances these capabilities.

Users can create automated workflows that process some images in one way and other images in a different way. Automator also allows Photoshop users to process batches of photos from any combination of folders, servers, FTP volumes, or external drives, as well as apply commands from applications other than Photoshop.

As Long points out, “An Automator workflow can process images in Photoshop, add the results to an iDVD presentation, upload the resulting project to an FTP server, and then back up the entire project to a DVD”.

The new collection incorporates support for Photoshop CS3, and includes the “Auto Color” action, as well as a series of new features on the previous actions. Additionally, a series of corrections on the problems detected in the previous version have also been included. The 86 actions in the pack provide Automator access to the main editing functions available in Photoshop.