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AT&T expects to sell all of its iPhones in less than two days

These very hopeful forecasts for his company have been made by Larry Carter, vice president of sales at AT&T, who fully trusts the new iPhone and even states that they will take orders that will be delivered between 3 and 5 days after the official launch date of the phone. . At the same time, he stated that the maximum number of iPhones that the same customer can purchase will be limited to avoid stockpiling, but he did not indicate further details in this regard at any time.

It was reported in USA Today that AT & T’s 1,800 direct selling stores will feature Apple’s phone and that they have hired about 2,000 additional employees to launch their stores (which will close about 90 minutes before the official launch time for “Adapt them for the event.” In the same way, they hope to extend the opening hours of their stores until 22:00 to attend the massive influx of customers who are waiting.

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