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As podcasts compete for listening space, these pioneers wait …

podcast, india, radio Podcast makes content consumption easy and life simpler. (Designed by Rajan Sharma)

“As a generation, most of us areGlued to our cell phones, collecting information with heads bowed. But soon the time will come when we can hold our attention and listen to all the information through a podcast, “says Naveen Haldorai, creator of Curry Podcasts, one of the few Tamil podcasts in India. For him, podcasts are the bridge between active and passive content.

A podcast is the only online content that allows indirect consumption. “It allows you to consume content in a passive state. You can listen to a podcast when the phone is charging, when it is locked or even while browsing through social media, “says Gautam Raj Anand, founder of Hubhopper, India’s largest podcast directory.

Intellect recommends podcast.

“A few years ago, people weren’t even familiar with the word ‘podcast,’ but now it’s ‘intellectual’ to listen to a podcast,” says Anand. The word “podcast”, an amalgamation of “iPod” and “broadcast”, was a currencyEd in 2004 and has now become synonymous with audio content available on the internet. Although the industry is flourishing abroad, in India it is still in a very early stage.

Compared to video content, podcasts are very personal and intimate.

“It feels like your friend is talking to you, and because of this, you retain and believe what you hear. It also opens your imagination and takes you on a journey, “says Haldorai.

When Google launched the Google Podcasts app earlier this year, its goal was to make podcasts easier and faster to access. “We are working with the ecosystem to bring more diverse content to podcast listeners,” says Robin Bhaduri, Google Product Marketing Manager.

Podcasts, Anand says, make it easy to consume content and simplify life.

“As people get lazy, they look for ways that they can make it easier to consume content, and the podcast is the perfect option available to them,” he says.

Chhavi Sachdev, the second most experienced podcaster in India, says that the radio here was so “insulting” and that podcasting was “the only way to improve the audio industry.” Sachdev began his journey in 2008 with Sonologue, an audio production company specializing in podcasts and spoken word content, and now runs workshops to educate people about the industry.

Chhavi Sachdev, from India The second most experienced podcaster.

He also started a podcast called ‘LSD Cast’ that talks about love, life, and lust. “Indian men are so behind when it comes to sex and dating, I felt like someone had to do this. Although people are very uncomfortable talking about these issues, LSD Cast received a good response and the second season will be available soon. “

But it is not so easy.

With less than 100 producers two years ago, India now has more than 400 podcasters. An avid podcast listener, Saif Omar started a travel podcast, ‘The Musafir Stories’, together with his wife Faiza Khan. “I was working in the United States, where the podcast scene is very evolved. But in India, it was different. So when I moved, I thought I should give it a try.”

Omar is passionate about his podcast, but it’s nothing like a full-time profession. “I know he can’t bring me money, but I still hope to do it full time a few years later.” Unlike YouTube, the podcast does not have a unified platform and is highly fragmented. Raising awareness and educating people on how to listen to a podcast is also an obstacle that Omar faces.

Haldorai, who is the pioneer of Tamil podcasts, began his journey with a four-episode story podcast about Vasco Da Gama in August 2018. You want to start a technology podcast and also tell horror stories for children, but you are worried about the monetary aspect. .

“There’s no access to full analytics and it’s a struggle to keep things consistent. Not only does it narrate, but I create a scene with sound effects and music, and it’s a tedious process.” Although the podcast industry is growing, it is still growing. It will take a long time to make money doing what I love to do, “he says.

podcast, india, tamil podcastpodcast, india, tamil podcast Naveen Haldorai, Founder, Curry Podcasts

Bhandari hopes to see more and more popular non-English podcasts in the Indian market. “As the podcast industry grows, we will continue to see the technology behind it become more sophisticated,” he says.Karthik Vijayakumar’s ‘Design Your Thinking’ is one of the few podcasts from India to have a second season. Vijayakumar started it in October 2016 along with his ongoing blog.In the first season, he interviewed people who are following their hearts and it was a huge success. For its second season, Vijayakumar is focusing on India and is experimenting with a video format.

I also upload the interviews on YouTube because people in India are still not very comfortable with the audio medium and it has been successful so far.

Bhandari also reveals that India is in the top five countries for Google Podcasts adoption.

Are we there yet?

“We are in a blast, and the next breakthrough is coming very soon in India,” says Amit Doshi, founder of IVM Podcasts. “The podcast has not yet been incorporated because it has not been exploited to its full potential. Radio is tightly controlled and podcasting is the available alternative. People will find out very soon, “he says.