Applications Phone jokes with Juasapp Phone jokes are now a classic entertainment.  Everyone sometime ...

Applications Phone jokes with Juasapp Phone jokes are now a classic entertainment. Everyone sometime …

The phone joke they are already classic entertainment. All of us as children have dialed someone’s phone number at random to play a joke of better or worse taste, and even many radio programs include this type of joke among their regular content.

We do not know that they have the jokes on the phone to like us so much, but the truth is that this children’s entertainment continues to seem attractive even when we are adults, although in this case the object of our jokes is not usually a stranger but one of our friends or family .

To play a prank on the phone, you have to work it well, think about who you are going to call and everything you are going to say. However, those who do not want to complicate life so much can also have fun doing phone pranks with app help that are available in the official app stores.


Juasapp to play phone pranks

One of the most popular applications for pranking on the phone is Juasapp. It is one of the best valued applications of this type and with it we can play funny pranks without the person called knowing it’s us. What’s more, this application allows us to share the reaction to the joke through WhatsApp and from social networks.

The application can be downloaded for free for mobiles with iOS and Android operating systems. By downloading the application we get a free joke, then we can get more free jokes by doing actions such as recommending the application to our friends or allowing access through Facebook. Another option is that we buy jokes in the application, which could cost between € 0.89 and € 19.99 per item.

Once the application has been downloaded, you have to select the person you want to play the joke on. The call is not made from the user’s phone, but from the centralization of the application, so the recipient of the call will not recognize the number. When the call is made from a switchboard, this implies that whoever is playing the joke will not have to pay for the call.

A few minutes after the joke has been spent, it will be available on our mobile so that we can listen and share it.


Juasapp for Android

Juasapp can download on the Google Play Store. It works on devices with Android 4.0.3 or higher operating system and 7.3 MB of free space is required for installation.

Due to its content, the application is recommended for users over 16 years of age.

Juasapp for iOS

Juasapp can download on the App Store. It is necessary to have a device with operating system iOS 8.0 or later and its size is 39.7 MB.

In this case, the age recommendation is for people over 12 years old.

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