Applications Know if my car has fines and unpaid parts It is difficult to know if a car has already unpaid fines …

It is difficult to know if a car has unpaid fines, either from the TAG or from the police, Carabineros, and we only realize when the summons to cancel the fine arrives, it has been around for a long time. a very good application which allows us to know if the car has fines and unpaid parts , details that people looking to buy a used car do not take into account this small detail, but it is basic information that we should know whether it is our own car or if we are going to buy one.

How to know if my car has tickets and unpaid parts

The fines They are usually associated with the license plate of the vehicles, in which by looking at any patent we will know if there are fines, a request for theft, and even the data of the owner of the car in such a way that a problem or accident occurs to be able to locate the person responsible.

My car has unpaid parts

As we know if our car has a fine to pay, either by TAG police, there is an application which shows us the fines of the car, the owner’s data also the ownership history of the car in case of being used and having several owners among other options.

This application is called multiData Chile, through this application we can know immediately if any car has fines and unpaid parts associated with its license plate, Also the date on which the fine was set, this application also has a series of options that may have their benefits and advantages, such as: if you are looking for a car to buy used, through this application, you can know the owner’s history If you are the sole owner or have a history of the previous owners, if it was auctioned in an insurance company, or if in any case the car you want to buy had an accident and was repaired through this application, you can know those details or doubts you have about your car.

How to know if my car has tickets

This application is totally free and very easy to install which will allow us know if our car has finesYou only have to access your google play Store account from your Smartphone and enter the name of the multiData application in the search engine, download and install it, then you must register to be able to use the application freely, which is a great initiative by Its creators, allows us to know a large number of information about vehicles just by installing this application on our cell phones. Keep in mind that in order to obtain the circulation permit you cannot have fines associated with your patent.

If you want to download the multiData application on your Smartphone enter here