Applications Improve the Internet Speed ‚Äč‚Äčof Psiphon Surely on some occasion you have not had more ...

Applications Improve the Internet Speed ‚Äč‚Äčof Psiphon Surely on some occasion you have not had more …

Surely from time to time you have no choice but to use Psiphon, for whatever reason and whatever operating system you use. Have free internet With this app it is totally possible, the issue is that, just as you are wanting to have free mobile data there are thousands of users who do the same, therefore, during peak hours it is normal that the speed dropped considerably since the free VPN connection Psiphon has no filter and the speed depends, as I said before, on the number of users who use it.

Also, do not worry because speed up the app so that the internet works much faster not too complicated actually and you can continue having free Internet with a decent speed, as it should be basically. You do not need to have advanced knowledge or anything similar, any kind of user can make these modifications that we will comment on later.

Accelerate Psiphon

One of the methods is to try to close all the applications that consume connection, it must be taken into account that most social networks are constantly reviewing the data and updating itTherefore, they end up consuming a lot of connection and mobile battery, close them and leave only the ones you are going to use open.

Another method is using Psiphon Pro which is available on the Play Store for free, you have to keep it always updated so that it works completely smoothly and without any kind of problems.

In addition, many users commented that it is important to have data roaming activated so that in this way we can connect to multiple servers, yes keep in mind that if you have some credit this could eat you up pretty quickly so you should use it with extreme caution and not have any credit that in a nutshell would be optimal.

As you will see, accelerating Psiphon is not that complicated at all, although we must bear in mind that since it is something free we cannot ask for miracles, to have a stable connection, decent and above all things fast at all times obviously opened to go through the box and have a plan, even if it is cheap, but a mobile data plan. Otherwise there is no other option but to keep trying with this app In all, it is not that I worked so badly, as I said, because it is free, it seems too much to me.

In any other case, if you know of any other app similar to this one, would you like to recommend it to us? Leave it in the comments and then we add it to the post.