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For some time now, to be able to talk with our friends through the social network, it is essential to download the specific application for this, Messenger is the app in question that we are talking about. Through it we can send text messages, images, files, make video calls and voice calls, it is like having a WhatsApp backup just in case it doesn’t work or you don’t have that person’s number.

Download Facebook Messenger for BlackBerry Z10

Keep in mind that the Blackberry Z10 It is a mobile phone that although at first glance it seems that it would be difficult to use WhatsApp considering that at the beginning of 2017 the company said that it was not going to develop the application further for BlackBerry phones, was actually referring to the operating system, since this BlackBerry Z10 has Android, it is totally possible to use the WhatsApp application on it.

To be able to use it is necessary to enter the Play Store and download it or follow this link. Once there, simply click on the button that says download, we accept the permissions of said app, we wait for it to download and install and we continue using Messenger with the Facebook account that we already have open in the main application.

How will you see having WhatsApp on BlackBerry Z10 It is not complicated at all, in case you want to download this app from the official website you have to go to download the APK file and then go to Settings> Security and you have to enable unknown sources to be able to run the APK file.

The difference between downloading the app from the official website and downloading from the Play Store, is that there are new versions from the website to the one from the Play Store, what happens is that they are betas, that is, in test mode, to say the least. .

Many times they have new things, details or important functions that have not yet been uploaded to the official due to a stability issue, because they are being tested, in this way you can have from the official website a much more recent version than the one we found in the Google store, but it is clear that it may contain some other error that does not make it too stable.

Either way, you can install or uninstall either of the two as many times as you want and try, if you don’t like the beta, go for the stable one in the Play Store and that’s it.