Applications Earning money with Snuuper in a fairly simple way First of all What is Snuuper?  Actually, it's not too much ...

Applications Earning money with Snuuper in a fairly simple way First of all What is Snuuper? Actually, it’s not too much …

First of all what is Snuuper? In reality, the app in question is not very popular, the issue is that for those who are already using it it is quite interesting since it allows us to earn money while we use it, with thousands of users around the world complying with their daily tasks and accumulating money to eventually collect it.

Make money with applications like Snuuper

The idea is basically about performing a series of daily tasks to say in some way that we have to be doing obviously and as I said before every day yes or yes, in this way answering a few questions little by little you see how you add money in your wallet.

What you have to do is move around your city, since depending on where you are they can give you different surveys to answerEven if you are close to a specific place, you can enter it and start answering a survey about the place, basically in this way you will earn experience points and then collect.

Keep in mind that at the beginning experience points are used more than anything to gain level in the application and then once we have a higher level, we have access to better daily tasks and even more complex in order to earn much more daily.

So we could say that it is not only an app that works very well to earn money, but also serves to keep you entertained for a while, leveling up, answering interesting questions and “traveling” through our own city whenever we can.

It is important that in order to use the app we obviously have a connection to Internet Constant, in addition to the fact that it is also necessary to have the GPS. In turn, you have to reach a minimum to be able to charge that is not too high (In Chile it would be $ 10,000) You can even use the app to recharge the mobile credit in case you do not want to wait to reach the minimum required to be able to charge , being also a good option to save an extra monthly expense.

It must be taken into account in turn that the mobile data consumption of said app cannot be limited so you are going to consume a bit of data and battery, so if you leave home we recommend that you have the battery as much as possible.