Cómo Activar la Luz Led de Notificaciones de Samsung

Applications Disable Annoying Android application notifications Disable annoying Android application notifications, these notifications are usually something very …

Turn off App Notifications on Android annoying, these notifications They are usually something very useful and also quite practical, but it can become a big problem, because, if we have to install enough apps, these over time become an intermittent sound nuisance for us and for the people who accompany us, also an obvious distraction, and something that can distract us and seriously interfere with our daily tasks, so we’ve developed some tips to control these annoying notifications and disable them at will.

Disable App Notifications quickly

Turn off App Notifications

Whoever makes the laws also creates a way to circumvent those laws, worth the redundancy, this is what we want you to have in mind because the answer is so simple, in front of our own eyes, then Android allows us an access that serves to disable application notifications and literally cannot make these annoying notifications, from just a few simple touches, in the settings we will solve this problem, then the best of all this is that we can choose and deactivate these applications that we consider to be abusing the notification function, leaving those not so annoying or those that they seem quieter to us in the best sense of the word; less annoying.

How to turn off annoying app notifications

For this, you just have to follow certain simple steps that we are going to leave below, enter Settings-> Application manager-> select the application we want to silence-> then deactivate the notifications tab, and that’s it.

Here’s how we can disable these annoying apps in no time without having to worry about anything else.

It should be noted that the fact of deactivating these notifications of the application will not interfere with the operation, since we are only going to write down certain changes, obviously it is going to stop notifying us constantly and this is really good.

Not long ago I had to figure out how to deactivate the clash royale notifications because from time to time it warned that I had chests to open, of course this for someone quite applied to the game is a benefit rather than a harm, but for us normal users, we are not so pending on these things, it is a nuisance because we are working or some really demanding activity and it will cause us a distraction that will force us to leave what we do to open the application and this is the real function of these notifications in games.

We hope you have solved your problem with notifications, we are happy to help you solve problems of this type and We also warn you that you should bear in mind that the applications with a real importance for this option are those of mail, banking messaging among others since the notifications that they could give us are of real importance to find out about things we need.