Applications Corrector català How to configure it in iOS? The spell checker that mobile phones incorporate can be of great ...

Applications Corrector catal√† How to configure it in iOS? The spell checker that mobile phones incorporate can be of great …

The spell checker that mobile phones incorporate can be of great help in many occasions, but in others it becomes a real headache. We have all experienced problems with the corrector at some time and the best we can advise you to avoid problems is that you make a good configuration of it. Today we are going to see how to properly configure the Catalan corrector on iOS.

If you have a iPhone or an iPad and you have tried to write in Catalan on them, it has surely given you some kind of problem, such as detect how misspelled words are spelled correctly or directly change the word you have written for a different one.

Let’s see what we can do with the iOS checker to avoid these problems.


Disable AutoCorrect

When this system gives many problems, sometimes the easiest thing is to disconnect it. For this we will Settings> General> Keyboard and we deactivate the option of Autocorrect. This simple operation can save us a lot of unnecessary anger.

Corrector català, change the language of the corrector

Sometimes the checker points out too many errors for the simple reason that it is not in the language it should, touch then change the language of the spell checker on iOS.

There are two options to change the language. The first one consists of click on the world ball so that the language changes one by one. If we want something faster and more practical, what we can do is hold down the world ball to see all the available languages ‚Äč‚Äčand be able to select the ones we want to have activated.

Catalan corrector

Add languages

What happens if the language we are looking for is not there? In this case we have the option of adding new languages ‚Äč‚Äčto the keyboard, including of course Catalan.

For this we go AutoCorrect> Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add new keyboard, we look for the language that interests us (in this case Catalan) and we add it.

Now that the new language has been added, click on the world ball and choose the language in which we want to write. With the correct language already selected, we should have no problem writing in the language we want.

Spell check

As you have already seen, iOS devices in addition to having the Autocorrector have the option to Spell check, what in case of detecting that a word is misspelled, it looks for a similar one and changes it automatically.

This option is practical, but in some cases it can become annoying, especially if it is detecting a misspelled word as a misspelled one. If we don’t usually make spelling mistakes, it may be a good idea to disable it.