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AppleTV and iPhone can now access YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular websites for viewing user-generated video content. The website is owned by Google. The company has also reached agreements with providers such as CBS, BBC and Universal Music Group among others.

The new Apple TV software, available for download through the update feature of the Apple TV itself, allows users to browse YouTube to locate videos. Registered YouTube users can also log into their accounts through Apple TV.

YouTube is in the process of encoding videos using the H.264 codec, the advanced compression system embedded in QuickTime 7, which allows high-quality video to be transported over the Internet with low transfer rates. The iPhone will be the first mobile device to use H.264-encoded videos, according to Apple. It is expected that more than 10,000 videos will be available in H.264 format on June 29, from which date YouTube will add more content in this format weekly.

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