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Apple’s patent application indicates that future iPhones …

Folding screen smartphones seem to be the next big trend on Android this year. However, it’s not just the top Android OEMs working on foldable phones. A recent patent stained by Forbes reveals that Apple could join the bandwagon as well.

The patent application said to have been filed on February 14 suggests that the Cupertino technology company is still experimenting with concepts for a folding iPhone.

Apple had been working on multiple concepts for flexible displays for many years. Patent applications related to flexible displays that began to appear online in recent years include a strap-like bracelet with a flexible display that was revealed in 2013. The latest folding phone patent application provides details on how the folding display might work .

Apple's latest patent application shows an in-and-out folding design.  Image: USPTO

Apple’s latest patent application shows an in-and-out folding design. Image: USPTO

The illustrations in the patent application indicate that the foldable iPhone could have an inward and outward flexible design. One of the sketches in the patent application shows that the phone could be folded into a “pyramid shape” quite similar to the folding screen phone, the Royole. Flexpai. Another sketch reveals the foldable iPhone with a book-style design where the screen wraps around the outside of the device. Notably, this sketch is corroborated by the illustration above revealing a double-fold design that appeared online last year.

Some sketches in the latest patent application indicate that a double-fold design with two hinges could form three layers of the main body. In particular, Apple’s latest patent application was archived at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under the heading “Flexible Display Devices.”

While some of the illustrations seem to confirm that Apple is still working on a foldable iPhone, these are conceptual ideas that should be taken with a grain of salt. Previous reports They have suggested that the company is working on a folding screen that would allow an iPhone-sized device to fold into a device with a screen size similar to that of an iPad mini.

But as mentioned above, these are just reports and concepts that have long been floating around the Internet with no concrete details or news of the end of Apple.

Speaking of the actual folding screen device, it is widely anticipated that Samsung will showcase its foldable galaxy phone at its main event Unpacked this week. Among other OEMs, Huawei, Oppo, Nubia, LG and even Microsoft are also rumored to be working on smartphones with folding screens.

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