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Apple’s online market share is 6.46%

According to the statistical data for May 2007 provided by said company, Macs obtained 6.46 percent of online traffic. This percentage is divided into 3.95 percent for users with Mac computers based on non-Intel architecture and an additional 2.51 percent for computers based on Intel processors (increasing from 2.32 registered in April of 2007).

The figures show a rise of a quarter of a percentage point in the Mac market share between the months of April and May. Apple earned 4.33 percent of the online market share last August 2006, which means that monitored traffic has increased by 2.13 percentage points since then.

This increase reflects a historical increase: Mac’s market share was 3.52 percent in April 2005; which means an increase of 42.2 percent since May 2007.

Net Applications obtains its data by tracking 40,000 web sites on the network. The information is collected, analyzed and published on a monthly basis.

Windows Vista gains 3.74 percent of the market share, with Windows XP established as the clear leader with 82.02 percent.

Use of Safari has also increased from 3.19 percent in June 2006 to 4.82 percent in May 2007.

The use of Internet Explorer continues its decline. Its current share is 78.67 percent, from 84.04 percent in June 2006. Firefox usage stands at 14.54 percent.