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Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams says he’s …

Apple is “aware of” concerns about iPhone and Mac pricing. In a short speech at Elon University, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams discussed a variety of topics and spoke of his history joining Apple. in 1998.

Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams explains the reason for the increased costs involved in developing Apple products. Image: Reuters

In the short speech that took place last Friday, Williams spoke about From Apple “Incredible growth” since joining the Cupertino tech company. The COO answered questions from students in the audience and during the question and answer session, a student asked a question about Apple’s plans to lower product prices. The student further cited a report that claimed that the manufacture of a iPhone It only costs $ 350.

Williams, however, by dismissing those reports suggested that the true cost of the development is not considered in these analyst reports.

“The stories that come out about the cost of our products. [have been] The bane of my existence since the beginning of time, including our early days, “Williams said, as quoted in The Times News report, the Burlington tabloid that covered Williams’ speech. “Analysts really don’t understand the cost of what we do and how much care we put into making our products,” he said.

The Times News in your report described the length Apple has come to develop its product. Williams taking Apple Watch as an example explained the reason for the increased cost involved in developing a product. The COO mentioned that to build the Apple watch Activity tracker, the company built a physiology lab with 40 nurses and recruited 10,000 participants to study how calories are burned in physical conditioning exercises.

William acknowledged concerns about rising prices for Apple products and said that Apple does not want to be an elitist company.

“It’s something we are very aware of,” he said. “We don’t want to be an elitist company. That is not what we want. We want to be an egalitarian company, and we have a lot of work to do in developing markets. “

Prices for Apple’s premium iPhones have been aforementioned as one of the critical factors in slow sales of iPhones in the last quarter by analysts and tabloids. Apple CEO Tim Cook previously said that there are several factors that affect iPhone sales, mainly in emerging markets. But you can’t undermine the fact that Apple’s prices for iPhones have risen unduly from the last few years with the last iPhone XS Max touching the record for highest price in the iPhone line— $ 1099.

However, Apple now seems to be paying due attention in this area, as the company has started to reduce the price of the iPhone for third-party distributors in China. The company could reportedly make a similar move in other emerging markets, including India.

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