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Apple update disables unlocked iPhones

Two of the iPhones at Macworld USA offices that had been hacked to unlock the SIM card were disabled after installing the iPhone Update 1.1.1. The update process did not present any problems, but when restarting the phone an activation message appeared stating “Please insert a valid and unlocked SIM card to activate the iPhone”.

A similar message also appeared on iTunes; indicating that the SIM card was invalid and that a correct SIM card had to be inserted.

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards contain account information and are used to identify devices on certain types of mobile networks. Unlocked iPhones can use SIM cards from providers other than AT&T.

Users are also unable to navigate iPhone menus. The only feature available after installing the update is the “Slide for Emergency” switch, which allows users to make emergency calls.

It appears that the update also disabled the Jailbreak hack and allowed users to install unsupported software on the iPhone. After installing patch 1.1.1 all third party applications installed on a second phone were removed.

The manufacturer warned its users that unlocked iPhones could be rendered useless. In a statement it was warned that “Apple has detected that many of the unauthorized programs for unlocking the iPhone, available on the Internet. Can cause irreparable damage to the iPhone software, which can lead to the modified iPhone being rendered useless. permanent when future iPhone software updates released by Apple are installed. “