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Apple unveils new iChat feature for Leopard

Apple has released details on some of the features that will appear in the next version of the operating system, Leopard.

In an article titled “Broadcast your application’s content with iChat Theater,” the Cupertino company describes how the iChat Theater feature will allow applications to present audio and video content during a conference held using iChat.

As Apple indicates, “The new version of iChat in Leopard will open these capabilities to other applications on the system, allowing those applications to offer content through iChat sessions. For example, a user can show a slideshow while chatting with their parents. Or two people can collaborate on the same document, taking notes as another person makes the changes and another person observes the results.

The new features are available thanks to a new Instant Message framework included with the operating system and that will allow developers to access iChat 4.0 features from within applications.

According to Apple, “The Instant Message framework provides the ability to determine whether or not a contact in your contact list is online. You can also get Address Book data for the contact as well as other status information.”