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Apple supports display issues on some iPod touch units

The company has indicated that the problem has affected “a small number of units and is already being fixed,” as Walt Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal.

As noted in the problem information, video playback on iPod touch is significantly darker than on iPhone, suggesting the fact that iPod touch has a lower-quality screen, and reducing the value on the experience with video playback.

“The one I reviewed displayed video that was noticeably darker than that of my iPhone. For example, dark scenes in the classic Roman Polanski film, Chinatown, were really dark – lacking detail that the iPhone nicely detailed. The display also had a yellower cast than the iPhone. Dark images in photo albums similarly lacked detail, “writes Christopher Breen on Macworld US.

“The one I tested showed the video visibly darker than my iPhone. For example, the dark scenes in one of Roman Polanski’s classics, Chinatown, were really dark, lacking the detail that the iPhone could show. The screen also showed Yellowish casts than on the iPhone. The dark images in the photo albums also showed the same lack of detail, “says Christopher Breen in his review of the product.

Similar information has also appeared from other media and the first individuals who have acquired an iPod touch.

For his part, Mossberg indicates in his analysis, “my two evaluation units showed quality images.”

The number of affected drives is still unknown, as is the solution that Apple will offer to users with an affected drive.