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Apple shipped an estimated 43.8 million iPhones in the …

Analyst group IHS has estimated that Apple has shipped 43.8 million iPhones in the last quarter of this year. Although there are estimates from other analyst groups, the IHS report looks quite optimistic and the report was released after Apple’s earnings report was released.

iPhone XS. Image: Reuters

How reported by 9to5MacIPhone shipments experienced a 16 percent drop from 52.2 million units over the previous year. It maintained a 14 percent market share in the smartphone segment, where approximately 323.8 million units were shipped with a 6.3 percent drop from last year.

Other groups of analysts, including Canalys and IDC, estimated lower numbers than IHS. According to the Canalys report, Apple shipped 40.2 million iPhones and IDC reported that the estimate was around 36.4 million.

Like Apple, Samsung also saw a year-on-year decline in the quarter. Samsung reported that it shipped 70.8 million units, which was down nine percent from last year. However, the South Korean smartphone giant has maintained its largest market share of 22 percent. Huawei shipped an estimated 59.1 million smartphones in the quarter where the manufacturer enjoys an 18 percent market share.

Even though iPhone sales were low, its wearable segment had a “better than expected” second quarter. Apple shares rose six percent after its earnings report was released.

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