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Apple renews its iWork package and adds the spreadsheet "Numbers"

Numbers introduces the concept of smart tables on a flexible canvas; a new approach that makes it easy to organize information, create calculations, analyze results, and make spreadsheets as remarkable in appearance as they do in operation. Pages ’08 now has different modes for word processing and flexible page layout, a new contextual formatting bar, and change tracking; and Keynote ’08 now includes text effects, transitions and themes that help the user to easily compose spectacular presentations, as well as the Smart Builds capability for the easy definition of AaB animations that generate impressive animations, easy for everyone to create .

Numbers: Apple-style numbers

Numbers ’08 is a new approach to spreadsheets that allows users to organize their information, interact with their data and calculations, and make their spreadsheets easy to understand and print. With multiple smart tables on a flexible graphical canvas, users can rearrange information, resize and add columns, all without having to chop up the spreadsheet. Each table is a complete spreadsheet with automatic header and footer rows, easy sorting and filtering, and automatic cell naming, so creating, reading, and maintaining formulas is as easy as possible. Common functions can be dragged onto any cell; and a total of 150 functions are available covering a huge range of calculations, including numeric, date, time, financial and statistical. Checkboxes and sliders allow users to easily change cell values ​​to explore different scenarios and see their results instantly. Users can create 2-D and 3-D graphics that are automatically updated as data changes, and then supplemented with graphics, photos, and text labels. Interactive printing makes it easy to fit a document on a single page or to redistribute and resize tables and objects on multiple pages.

Pages ’08: now more logical

Pages ’08 now has two different modes: word processing that makes it easy to create stunning documents in seconds; and flexible page layout that gives users complete control over the position of objects on the page. Pages includes 140 Apple-designed templates that allow the user to easily create letters, reports, newspapers, brochures, and catalogs. A new context-sensitive format bar provides the user with the set of tools they need to have on hand at all times, whether they are editing text, creating a table, or adjusting an image. Modification tracking allows users to collaborate with others on the same document, viewing each person’s edition in a different color, and accepting or rejecting each proposed modification.

Keynote ’08: more animation

Keynote ’08, Apple’s renowned application for creating high-quality presentations, launches Smart Builds to make it easy for anyone to create spectacular animations without more than dropping graphics on the page. More advanced users can control all aspects of their animations with new de-AaB animations to define movement, rotation, scaling and opacity. Thanks to Keynote’s new “Instant Alpha” image cropping capability, it is very easy to remove the backgrounds of photos or graphics that the user does not want, without having to resort to an entire graphics department. The user can record their presentations along with the speech, and deliver the presentation to audiences either while being present or online as a Podcast through YouTube. The new Keynote also includes a collection of text effects, transitions, and themes.

iWork ’08 can import Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and AppleWorks word processing files, presentations, and spreadsheets, and can export documents to Microsoft Office file formats or PDF for easy sharing.

Price and availability

iWork ’08 is available in the Apple Store online ( and in the Apple sales channel in Spain at the recommended price of 79 EUR (VAT included). New Macs and iLife ’08 bundles for sale will include a 30-day trial version of iWork ’08. After the 30 days have elapsed, the test application becomes an iWork ’08 document viewer. iWork ’08 requires Mac OS X version 10.4.10 or later, a Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G4 processor 500 MHz or faster, PowerPC G5 or Intel processor, 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 32 MB RAM video, QuickTime 7.2 or later and 1GB of free disk space. Web: