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Apple patents a portable user system and another multi-touch

The new patent “Force and Location Sensitive Display” is a multi-touch technology that appears to describe the ways in which the iPod touch and iPhone work. It describes a screen that can act as an information input unit, capable of detecting both the position and the pressure exerted on it. The company says that this patent could be applied to LCD, Plasma and CRT monitors.

The second patent allows the user account stored in a system to be easily exported to different systems. With this, the user can transfer his user account to a portable storage device, and then import it to different computers. Users would be automatically recognized and imported into the system, and portable user accounts would be created on other computers.

Apple states in its request that: “the multi-user computer system locates both the user accounts that are on the device itself and those that are on any other portable data storage system that is connected to the computer. Therefore, by connecting the external data storage system to another computer, a user can log into their account and have their settings and user folders accessible ”.

Computer users would be able to use these accounts as normal, but any changes made or data added to the account using another Mac, would automatically be updated and updated.