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Apple offers some Leopard previews at its WWDC sessions

An animated Finder?

Examining the lectures can draw some curious conclusions, such as the one that indicates that Apple may be preparing a new Finder in which animations based on its Core Animation technology may be the main novelty in the interface field for Leopard. Thus, one of the lectures, entitled “Add animations to your applications with Core Animation”, explains: “Core Animation is an incredible layer-based animation system that will revolutionize the user experience for your applications. […] See how to use this ability to explore new ways of data visualization and user interaction. “

According to Ron Okamoto, Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations, “There is no better time to attend WWDC. The Mac, iPod and Apple TV offer software, hardware and content developers an opportunity for unprecedented innovation. ”

One of the most popular and unspoken Apple products is the iPhone. Okamoto has indicated that the iPhone will not be launched until next June and that Apple does not want to advance information about the product until that date.

100 sessions and labs

Apple will help developers get the most out of Leopard throughout the 100 scheduled sessions and labs. As in previous conferences, the sessions are presented by Apple engineers working on these technologies, so that developers can gain first-hand experience in incorporating these technologies into their applications.

This year’s six technical sessions at WWDC are: Leopard Innovations, Mac OS X Essentials, Developer Tools, Information Technologies, Graphics & Imaging, and Content & Media.

Traditional Mac developers and students aren’t the only ones Apple wants to attract to WWDC. The company is also inviting Linux and Windows developers to this year’s event.

During 2006, more than 4,000 developers attended the conference, which resulted in several innovative products, a trend that Apple hopes to repeat in 2007.

Web: http://developer.apple.com/wwdc/sessions/